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First Few Days


If you have just signed up SFI has deposited 125 VersaPoints into your account to help you get started! The value is only about $.05, but you can immediately start earning 10x, 100x, or even 1000x that amount DAILY just by collecting VersaPoints!. Sign up to get 125 Tcredits: https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474.  Make sure you put it on Auto Delivery. It will make you an EA. Remember this is your business and you need to get it started the best way. 


Now here is a way to make Bronze Team Leader and stay there or climb above it every month. Sign up for the Builder Bundle: https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=556925.Make sure you put it on Auto Delivery. It will give you 100 more TCredits, 8 PSA's, 12 CSA's and 350 Rewardical tokens. When you put both on Auto delivery you get a discount, it will cost you $91.25. I just look at this as cheap rent for having my own business.  If you do both of the above you will become a Bronze Team Leader and in your second month I will give you 50 new PSA's (Personally Sponsored Affiliate) to help build your team. 


Try to do some reading at SFI each day.  You are just starting out and there is a lot to learn.


Day 2:

1. Log in to SFI http://www.sfimg.com

2. Review your daily tabs on your homepage; turn them green by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the page. The EZ and PB tabs turn green when you play a game where you spend a TCredit or place a bid in a Pricebenders auction. TCredits (SFI virtual currency) which you should have lots of.


3. Click the Rocket Ship icon at the top of your home page to go to the Launch Pad lessons. Read a few chapters each day.


4. Review your To Do List tab to see what actions you can take to learn about the program and earn some Versa Points.


5. Visit the Badges tab to see how many badges you have earned so far in SFI. The more badges you earn, the more prizes you are eligible to win.


And that is the end of Day 2You should be following day 2 each day after it doing the same things. If you look at my badges you will see I have a streak of about 1300 days in a row of doing this.  It is the VersaPoint (VP) streak. You only need 10 VP’s a day to qualify and you get 1 VP for each tab you turn green.

If you have any questions about what you have read, be sure to ask me, one of your other uplines, your co-sponsor, or post a question in the forum. There is always someone around that can help you at any time you need help.


Compete In The E365 Challenge!

E365 is a challenge in which you can compete with every other SFI affiliate who joined SFI the same day as you. The idea is to win more VP than the other new affiliates and, on your 365th day in SFI, be named an Entrepreneur365 Champion.


For more info about the E365 challenge, go to: https://www.sfimg.com/E365?tab=info_and_rules&referrer=search.


When you run out of Launch Pad lessons Read the Rules of Success by clicking here: https://www.sfimg.com/ROS/ROSBizLikeBizThere is lots to learn at SFI.


Now you want to start looking at TripleClicks for things you normally buy other places. Most of the things are about the same price as elsewhere or cheaper.  This is how SFI makes money to give to you. Also, I make a commission when you buy things as you will when your team buys things.  You can use some of your TCredits to pay for it as well as the money you would have paid elsewhere for it.


Once a week review the Marketing Methods section for TripleClicks sales by clicking here: https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/MarketingCenter?form=MarketingMethods.  Go over the beginner options on pages 1 & 2. Take action by doing some of the methods described.


Team building is how I have made the most money over the years in SFI. That means Matching VP from your downline up to 12 levels.


Because of the TripleClicks Executive Pool, which is a profit sharing pool, SFI shares 40% of all commissions generated through sales in TripleClicks; and then, they share that with all affiliates in SFI who reach at least the rank of EA2 in a calendar month. You will already be a Bronze Team Leader.


That is also what is referred to as Network Marketing. Building a team of likeminded business associates who share the passion and dream as we have to build our own business and have a residual income. It is really powerful stuff, and can earn all of us, and anyone who chooses to join us, a really good income.


Remember, the real business begins in the 2nd month: that’s

when you find out who’s taking their SFI business seriously...


When you put the TC and BB on Auto Delivery you will automatically make Bronze Team Leader your second month and it will show you have followed the plan.

Automatically Reallocating PSAs Through Opti-Build

Opti-Build is an exciting new initiative, launched by SFI in March 2017, to help you build a strong 5x5 downline. If you are a Bronze Team Leader or higher, I recommend that you opt in to Opti-Build. Opti-Build works as a live auto-reassigner of your SFI referrals.

Here’s a tip that a lot of SFI affiliates don’t seem to get: You won’t make enough money to become financially independent if all you do is stay on the SFI website clicking for Versa Points (VP)!


VersaPoints ARE important and you get matching VP payments if you are a Team Leader. Log into the site every day and earn some VP by all means. Building up VP will get you into the higher ranks of SFI where you will qualify for higher and more rewards, BUT ... clicking for VP alone will NOT make you enough money to get financially free...


Here's what will make you money in SFI:

● Building a team & giving them incentives to become Executive Affiliates and Team Leaders.

● Posting the right kind of products on TripleClicks.

● Promoting TripleClicks products and services, such as Pricebenders auctions, to pull in new TripleClicks buyers.

● Referring small businesses into the ECA and Localvantia program helping them set up their online store.


In short, you need to go out and start promoting SFI to recruit new affiliates into your team … But what if you don't know how to promote and recruit?