Only My SFI Team can Win!

 Below are my SFI contests. Do a little work and you could win!  If you are not an SFI member yet join HERE.






Any of my PSA's who make EA for the first time will get a FREE ebook that will help you build your business.  Here is the list to choose from. Just email me the title you want.


How To Get Started Building Your SFI Business

How to make it in Your SFI Business


These are all great help books and sold on TripleClicks.  I will buy the one you want and send it to you. 



Now here is a way to make Bronze Team Leader and stay there or

climb above it every month. I will give you 50 new PSA's to build your

team if you do this.


First sign up for 125 Tcredits: https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474. Make sure you put it on auto delivery. It will make you an EA.


Now Sign up for the Builder Bundle: https://tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=556925.Make sure you put it on Auto Delivery. It will give you 100 more TCredits, 8 PSA's, 12 CSA's and 350 Rewardical tokens. When you put both on Auto delivery you get a discount, it will cost you $91.25. I just look at this as cheap rent for having my own business. 


Now in your second month when I see it renewed.  I will give you 50 new PSA's.