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Tip of the day!  Show off your SFI pride!

Let everyone in your community know that you're a proud SFI-er...with a cool SFI cap or SFI T-shirt (or both!).
Wear one when you're out and about to help generate curiosity about SFI and spread the word about your business.
You can also give a cap or T-shirt as a special recognition prize for the up-and-coming leader in your down line or as a
motivational reward in a special drawing or contest for your PSAs!


SFI Cap https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=365948

Shirt   https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=314806


What is BETTER than 1,000 active SFI referrals? 5-20 Different Down line builder Sites your referrals 

will join on Auto Pilot.  Everyone knows that you make money at SFI daily by participating and

promoting and getting referrals.... but what if ALL the new members who joined after you went under you?

Well, that is EXACTLY what happens when you join Our Dollar Wise System Earner!  Introducing your

team to your GDI SFI Training Website.  They will duplicate the same system.  Generating Numerous

Different Income Resources While Simply Promoting SFI Daily.

You can spend a fortune gambling, drinking or playing the pokey machines at your local pub or club.

At SFI you can achieve the same entertainment for a lot less spending.

Instead I prefer to sit at my computer. Viewing Local ECA Stores. Participating at SFI Daily.

Paid for shopping and selling. I have received thousands of dollars worth of items FREE since I began with SFI.

My Favorite SFI Quote. The same principles apply to earning Tickets with DWSEarner.

Folks, we can’t give away money (or co-op units or PSAs, etc. which cost lots of money) without the recipient EARNING that money by producing
revenue. We would be completely bankrupt and out of business within months if we were just giving money away to anyone who signed up!

Indeed, sign-ups would likely explode to tens of thousands of people a day for everyone and their brother joining just to grab some free money. 

Do you not understand how COMPLETELY UNFEASIBLE that would be?

A Signing Bonus is just what it says…a BONUS. And no one is stopping you from earning as much of it as you want, as quickly as you want.

If you want to quickly earn your entire Signing Bonus right now, then get busy and make some sales (that’s why you’re an affiliate)!

YOU control when you earn your Signing Bonus. Please stop being so negative and underestimating what you can do!

Success comes before work ONLY in the dictionary. There is no shortcut to success.

BE sure to join Our Private Down line Club. 

A one off payment of $28 can turn into hundreds even thousands of dollars. Earning while learning.



 Joining Programs.

How do I build my down line at SFI?  I team SFI with DWSEarner and ABC4Income.

Using GDI to design this cash generating web page. 

By not spreading your wings and concentrating on building these team down lines at the sites listed below.

You are not wasting credits. Simple! PROMOTE SFI and DWSEarner at the Down Line Builder Sites.

Your Team Will Duplicate the same system, signing up Via your links listed at the down line builder programs at

DWSEarner and ABC4Income..

Successful paid advertising campaigns can be increased "quickly" and with reliable results.
Start where you're at and reinvest half your profits each month for the first six months. 
We call this the "snow ball effect". Some call it "pyramiding your profits". 

This concept is exactly what I did early in my career to build up to a full-time income.

Investing and building my Sales Funnel for promoting SFI and DWSEarner on Auto Pilot. 

SFI looks overwhelming  but it is drop dead simple.

Start with baby steps, that will turn into giant leaps. 


 U Tube Video For Setting Up SFI Advertising At DWSEarner.



 First before reading on. SET up your SFI Network.

Apply to receive your Commissions Via A Master Card Or PayPal.
Click above the Grey Box Income. Scroll down and click Collection option.
Tick the Circle to select your preferred option for payments. Click the Green Button Submit.
THEN Click Above the Grey Box MY Account > Scroll down and click Account Info.
Add your pay pal email to receive commissions.
My Gateways. Is where you find your Promotional Links.
If you hover your mouse over My Reports then a column will appear at the right.

Click MY VP Ledger and blast your way though to receive VP rewards climbing the SFI leader ship ladder. 


New SFI Header explained. 

SFI how to read


Daily to Do At SFI. Click All Red Tabs. Spend half an hour reading the Forum.

screenshot_1326 Each day,

the Daily Grand drawing dispenses over $2000 in prizes to 200 lucky affiliates.Now, by turning all 12 tabs green,

you can grab an extra entry each day and significantly increase your chances of winning valuable, business-building



Entrepreneur365 (E365) is an SFI contest based on Versa Points that every new SFI affiliate is automatically entered in.

Each participating affiliate has the opportunity to win a share of OVER $100,000 in cash and prizes...while learning abou

how to create a successful SFI business! There is no cost to participate in the contest, and you can earn Versa Points through

a variety of educational and business-building actions


The most important thing to do is log in at the Affiliate Center every day and review the tabs on your homepage. 

REMEMBER Daily.  Before Logging out of the Games to Click above the Purple Box and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY.

REMEMBER Daily.  Before Logging out of SFI to return to the home page and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY into the DAILY GRAND.

ABC Of Affiliate Marketing. Read first before moving on.


The more participation the higher your rewards.

SFI is drop dead simple.  Refer. Sponsor. Duplicate.   No need to make it more complicated than it seems.

Set your goals monthly and for the first year work every day towards achieving that goal.

eggs in basket  


   Goal and Mission for 2016.

To supply a great Traffic Exchange, rewarding SFI Team and DWSEarner members for participation and shopping. 

Encouraging DWSEarner Members to Apply and Set up there own ECA Store.

Lets have A One Stop Shopping Zone At DWSEarner.

Where all members can view the different ECA Stores at the One Location.

Members are rewarded for shopping and selling.  Supporting their local community.

I am desperate to find other Kiwi Stores, so I can spend my TCredits and MRP Rewards.

FREE Bonus. Claim your tickets at DWSEarner for every $10 dollar spent at any ECA Store.

Got a business. Need a Website. Join us. Sign up FREE.


Then send Maree your link to add to her Shopping Page.


 Daily Planner

I use for Team Building SFI. 

An hour per day will send money your way.

 I multitask checking all my emails.  I send all unwanted emails to my spam folder.

  Start at SFI 

How to avoid hacking and fishing emails. Always log in from this link.


Read the Pay Plan. Make this your goal for 2016.


Check in daily for Maree's SFI Updates and Redeem random cash offers etc.


Refer to your Launch Pad Training.             https://www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/

NPN Package. TOTAL VALUE = $61.90. You save $41.90!

The New Member Pack comes loaded with EVERYTHING you need to get your TripleClicks membership off to a powerful start:

The NMP is just $20 and comes loaded with mighty T Credits, Member Rewards Points, Eager Zebra Game tokens,

and a heaping helping of valuable free bonuses that make NMP a slam-dunk bargain.  Great to buy, great to sell!

Selling NMPs: Each sale of an NMP to a retail customer earns you 500 Versa Points. It also generates $6.70 CV (Commission Volume).

Expires in 10 days.          https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=381607

Free Step by step guide on how to set up your SFI Group at Face Book.  Duplicate my updates share with your team.



  Join Our Down Line Club at DWSEarner. A One Off Fee of $28 Gets you started.



View Monthly Ticket Winners.   https://dollarwiseblog.com/dwsearner-ticket-winners

Check Weekly and Update your ID's At the down line builders at DWSEarner and ABC4income. I update them often.

Once I finish doing my Daily Tasks. Clicking all red tabs and making sure they are green! 

I then have set individual tasks for myself to do daily at SFI. 

Then I move on to Dwsearner then Abc4income. Chatting with members.

We then as a group move over to these sites surfing as a team.

REMEMBER we do not promote these sites.

YOUR team will follow you into these programs when they duplicate the DWSEarner Network.

It is now up to each individual to set the plan into motion. YOUR actions will determine your earnings.

Most important have your SFI Standing Order set in place. Remember when planting a seed it needs nurturing to grow.



 Start Daily..

 One Click Social Media Blast




I start with checking any new training articles at Traffic Pro.

Daily with being upgraded at Traffic Pro I log in claiming Free Zubee Coins.


click lessons 9, 12, 18

Every Monday I check and connect with any New ECA Stores in my country.

I also check out ECA stores that offer Free Shipping To my country.

click the Growth Tab at SFI then at the right click Where the Triple click banner is. Local ECA Stores. 

I then go check my SFI Gift Cards. If I need more I purchase them.


Remember to select Digital Products saving $$ on Postage.          http://www.kiwitalk.ws/SFI_Gift_Cards

I also Buy One T Credit Weekly with my MRP Reward Points. Receiving 102 Sale VP.

I surf at least 300 pages at each site.





I check my Top Movers Page and introduce myself to all my new CSA Team Members.

Find A list of posts I send here. Remember to change my links to yours.


It is amazing how each month my Top Movers List Changes.

My top mover is a CSA member who joined SFI in 1998. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw Gery was added years ago.

The beauty of being a Team Leader. You received reassigned CSA Monthly. CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)

who were previously assigned a Co-Sponsor but were forfeited due to the Co-Sponsor not maintaining required EA status.

These forfeited CSAs are reassigned to Team Leaders on approximately the 15th of each month.

Some of these members are my top money spinners. I earn with each purchase they make. 

I send a  post weekly to all my team Via the genealogy Tab. 

I also send Posts weekly to all members connected with my ECA Store. 

If you have a store log into your ECA Account and click the ECA/Customer Mailer to send updates and offer bonuses to all your customers.

Today we will be using Safelists.

If you are not familiar with safelist's you should have a separate gmail account just to receive the emails they send

from other members.  You build up credits by clicking on a link in these emails.  The credits let you send emails to

other members.  If you look under "90 Day Promo   Center" here I have sample emails you can copy and use replacing

my link with your's. Or you can make up your own emails.  Here are the safelist's to use.




Safelist's are faster because you just send one email out and move on to the next Safelist.


I play the Games Daily. But every Wednesday I go and add at Facebook and twitter my Challenge Code.

It is better to do it just one day a week, so your face book is interesting.

Start a League Or Join Mine.   http://gotclicks2.com/jjbu7gMld          League Password SyeG2X   

Do not close box when you finish the game.

At the bottom right click where the Green Arrow is pointing to generate your challenge code.

Blast this at Face Book and twitter etc.  YOU can only challenge people that are not with SFI.

Each new referral earns you a 120-days W3 membership (with the clock resetting to 120 days each time you make a new referral). 

So, as long as you make at least one referral every 120 days, you'll always be a W3 member and eligible for all W3 benefits.

I check Commission Funnel.  Sending a message to all new members. 

Once a month I reward one of my Active Team Members A Free Life Time Upgrade with Purchasing The Referral Sponsor.

Click at the left Referral Sponsor to purchase.  I run this as a monthly competition for my active team.

Give your down line a Lifetime upgrade for only $24.95.  Team support is the key. 

I also grab a referral boost monthly building my team then introducing them to SFI and DWSEarner. Cost is $19.95 I receive

2500 Credits
2500 Banner Board Credits
5 Random Referrals
to your account

The result in 12 months time I will have 60 Referrals in all my down line programs. 




Every Thurs I click the SFI TC Tab above and share the Daily Deal to Facebook and Twitter.

With doing it just once a week, my face book friends start to log in to see what the weekly deal is I post.

I also Click some Old interesting SFI News Letter Share Buttons to Facebook.

YOU will see at the bottom of the page the Share Buttons. 






Log into Build My Down line. Send Email Weekly to entire Network. Check offers and verify. 

Get Paid To Join Websites


Every Friday I check my Power Tool Hit Tracking for SFI.


See how I have added a code. Every site I list my advertising at. I add an individual code to track.

I write a list on my computer to refer back to. 

This is how I sort out the time wasters and decide where to invest with advertising.

NEVER invest heavy with any new site. Test the waters first.


I log into Easy Hits 4U and accept all connection requests.

All these new members will then be able to view my profile at Easy hits 4U seeing my links to SFI

GDI DWSEarner Private Coop. DWSEarner and ABC4income.  9 out of 10 sign up then duplicate our

Down Line Builder System.   

I then send an email from with in the sites back office introducing every one to SFI. 

Find emails under affiliates tool box at ABC4income. Remember to change details to relate to the site you are on.

I started building this sales funnel years ago. Grabbing life time or yearly upgrades. 

All my upgrades are paid with my commissions, so no out of pocket expenses. It is quite interesting

as long as my Yearly Upgrade Subscriptions remain active the price will never change.

A lot I grabbed as OTO Upgrades when I first signed up Saving me thousands of dollars in Advertising.  


Today we will do a little surfing and some safelist emailing.  Please remember besides all this you should be on SFI doing your To-Do-List everyday.  

Use the ones below today. If you look above I have a page with Traffic Exchanges on it and one with safelists on it.  Change the ones that don't give  

you anything and keep using the ones that work for you.  Keep it short today.





 Have Sunday as a day of rest.  Thank GOD for letting you find SFI and ask HIM to help you build a great team.




















Power Surf Central  http://powersurfcentral.com/am/aff/go?r=1190

Real hits 4 U               http://realhitz4u.com/?rid=100580  (54,000)

Soaring 4 Traffic          http://soaring4traffic.com/surf.php?mem_id=38477  (77,000)

Hit Safari                    http://hitsafari.com/surf.php?mem_id=69812  (59,000)

Commission Funnel      http://commissionfunnel.com/rv.php?r=73187  (186,000)

DWS Earner                http://www.dwsearner.com/?rid=3  (125,000)

Easy Hits 4 U              http://easyhits4u.com/?ref=melsdreamteam  (18,000)



Members Rule             http://membersrule.com/?rid=193544   (93,000)

Traffic Swarm              http://trafficswarm.com/go.cgi?58074  (42,000)

Top Tier Traffic             http://www.toptiertraffic.com/home.asp?rid=57131  (61,000)

Commission Funnel      http://commissionfunnel.com/rv.php?r=73187  (186,000)

List Surfing                 http://listsurfing.com/?rid=27700 (37,000)

WebMaster Quest         http://webmasterquest.com/?ref=rusaved  (84,000)



Hungry for Hits                   http://hungryforhits.com/?rid=418   (76,000)

Legacy Hits                        http://legacyhits.com/?rid=108740  (68,000)

Commission Funnel        http://commissionfunnel.com/rv.php?r=73187  (186,000)

Click Voyager https://www.clickvoyager.com/?id=melsdreamtea

Hit Link                             http://hitlink.com/r/melsdreamteam  (92,0000

Traffic G                            http://trafficg.com/index.php?member=rusaved  (32,000)

Web Biz InsiderAa             http://WebBizInsider.com/Home.asp?RID=190159  (38,000)



Commando Surf     http://www.tecommandpost.com/?referer=melsdreamteam

Traffic-Splash             http://traffic-splash.com/index.php?referer=rusaved  (82,000)

Tezak Traffic Power     http://tezaktrafficpower.com/?referer=melsdreamteam  (66,000)
Dragon Surf                   http://dragonsurf.biz/?rid=80983  (132,000)
Traffic Speedway                        http://trafficspeedway.com/?rid=12434  (130,000)
Traffic Swirl                   http://promo.trafficswirl.com?rid=7021  (38,000)

Commission Funnel      http://commissionfunnel.com/rv.php?r=73187  (186,000)



I Love Hits                  http://ilovehits.com/?rid=6837  (73,000)

Traffic Ad Bar                 http://trafficadbar.com/melsdreamteam  (17,000

Start Exchange             http://startxchange.com/?referer=Team1  (39,000)

Commission Funnel    http://commissionfunnel.com/rv.php?r=73187  (186,000)

Cool Cat Hits                http://coolcathits.com/?rid=4726    (55,000)

Hit 2 Hit                       http://hit2hit.com/?rid=151530  (59,000)















Sick of the hype, promise’s, failure to deliver & lack of support from your past opportunity’s.

Stress no more. Make 2020 the year to start generating a real income working on line.

Lock in Now to the original Work from home Program.

True 24/7 support for all your down line when off line, giving them access to your Cash Generating

Website.  You can duplicate this page for any business.

I use AVG AntiVirus Web Security.  Best investment I make on line. 

I then share the information with my team.      

AVG AntiVirus test the sites I am surfing and block content that comes from potentially dangerous

or suspicious sites. NEVER log into PayPal OR PayZa Via ANY Email.

By learning to create your own lead system! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into             

SFI DWSEarner GDI and Traffic Wave for maximum leverage.

Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business.

Once you are participating daily and earning with your sale generating leads program.

Use some of your down line earnings to upgrade at the sites listed at DWSEarner Down line Builder.




1 TEAM  -  1 VISION  -  1 GOAL